Prevent Advisors Key Takeaways from Manchester:

  • Arenas and your guests are a target.  ISIS and Al Qaeda have publically called for action against soft targets and remain determined to attack.

  • This bombing represents a different profile than recent ‘opportunistic’ terror events. This attack was executed by an individual who was supported by a larger cellular network. Continue to monitor activity and intelligence feeds.    

  • Concert Venues and Stadiums will continue to be targeted. These facilities offer many elements desired by an attacker – population density, visibility, and predictability.

  • The attack itself consisted of a “suicide bomber” which signifies the first occurrence of such an event by an ISIS related group in the UK/West. This adaptation indicates greater sophistication and a willingness to shift to more violent tactics.

  • Dates matter. The attack itself occurred on the anniversary of an attack by extremist on a British solider, Lee Rigby, on May 22, 2103. The attack on Manchester indicates a pattern of attacks related to key anniversary dates.


Prevent Advisors Top 5 Recommendations for Venue Security:

  • Review emergency action plans.  Rehearse the plan. Ensure they reflect the necessary measures to respond to an attack or major disruption.

  • Ensure the venue maintains an open dialogue with local law enforcement regarding security protocols and that any gaps are identified and addressed.

  • Consider additional resources being dedicated to high density/high traffic areas in advance of events and upon egress.

  • Ensure vehicle access protocols are properly followed. All movable barriers to entry and gates should be replaced and secured immediately following entry/exit of authorized vehicles.

  • Ensure current and thorough briefing of potential threats for Security and Guest Service Staff

For all correspondence related to public safety and security, please send a list of all points of contacts to be included on Prevent Advisors’ distribution list to Erin Grady at